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how to delete all your contacts on an iphone 4

3/01/2017 · The easiest and safest way to ensure that all your data is deleted is to use a third-party tool such as iOS Data Eraser, especially for an iOS device like iPhone or iPad. ... More

how to eat the alkaline way

One of the keys to maintaining optimal health is discovering the correct way to eat food in order to maximize your alkaline potential, and in turn prevent chronic disease from developing in your body. ... More

how to add cells in microsoft excel for printing

In the "Page Setup" group, select "Print Area" and then click "Add to Print Area." Go to the Microsoft Excel button for the 2007 version and click "Print." For Excel 97-2003, go to the menu and select "Print." ... More

how to become thane of riften skyrim

Become High King of Skyrim V2 This mod is all you need to become the High King! I believe that once you finish the main storyline and the Civil war Storyline, you go talk to a guy in Markarth and you get to be the High King, with enough support (aka friends). ... More

how to delete calendar mac

I just installed Outlook as part of Office for Mac 2011. I need to use Outlook to access my company's Exchange calendar server. I used an older version of Entourage (2004) prior to this. ... More

how to add spacing html

Or just add a blank with the height of the margin in between the rows you would like to add the spacing share improve this answer answered Mar 24 '11 at 13:48 ... More

how to cook green beans curry

If you prefer you can substitute a red curry paste for the green one, the red curry pastes tend to be milder. Heat the oil in a wok. Add the curry paste and cook 2 minutes or until aromatic. Add the coconut milk and stock and bring to a simmer. Add the chicken and beans and simmer gently for 5 ... More

how to create hex file in pic c compiler

There is software to convert PIC hex files to C (within certain limitations) but the people who write it are very careful who they sell it to. Its hard to find and rightly so. ... More

how to create imdb credit

Use The Luhn Formula To Validate Existing Accounts But Don't Attempt To Create and Use Fake Credit Card Numbers Now with this new found knowledge, keep in mind you still won't be able to randomly generate genuine workable credit card numbers. ... More

how to become a developmental behavioral pediatrician

Developmental Behavioral Fellowship Training Program We are committed to providing an aspiring developmental-behavioral pediatrician with an exceptional educational experience, professional support, and academic opportunities to become a successful specialist. ... More

beamng drive how to attach trailers

Смотреть видео Big Rig Trailer - Whybeare how do u use the exponent vrsin of Beamng drive how??? And is the big rig and the sunbrst car ... More

how to clean stubborn toilet stains

1/08/2005 Removing a stubborn stain re: toilet bowl. The toilet bowl has a brown stain on the bottom. The toilet is a couple of years old. I have tried using a strong mixture of bleach, which was left to soak. Then scrubbed to no effect. It seems as though something has calcified on the bottom. I need some sort of strong chemical that will not damage the toilet bowl enamel. Any ideas are appreciated ... More

how to clear up bad acne

The type of acne that a lot of teens get is called acne vulgaris (the meaning of "vulgaris" isn't as bad as it sounds — it means "of the common type"). It usually shows up … ... More

how to clear event viewer in windows xp

Is there a way to delete a single event from the system event viewer in Windows XP? Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. ... More

how to become more focused and motivated

Finally, I’m going to walk you through an exercise which will increase your motivation, improve ability to spot opportunities as well as let you set bigger, more ambitious goals and have the ... More

how to cook cassava pie

This cassava cake recipe from Yasmin Newman’s beautiful Filipino cookbook 7000 Islands many sound exotic but is easy to bake and tastes incredible, flavoured with coconut milk and … ... More

how to build a large boat trailer qld australia

The Team behind Tournament Pleasure Boats have well over 55 years experience in the boating and boat building game. We manufacture an award winning range of trailer boats including sports cruisers, day cruisers and sports fishing boats from 16ft up to 26ft. ... More

how to unlock seagate backup plus drive

Seagate's new Backup Plus offers the same 4TB of storage that the Backup Plus Fast offers, but it's less expensive and it is a single 4TB hard drive instead of two external drives in a RAID 0 ... More

canon printer how to change ink

Canon Canon Printer Cartridges Canon Ink Cartridges Canon Toner Cartridges Buy cheap Canon Ink & Toner cartridges in bulk and save Here at Ink Station our goal is to provide any and every kind of printer cartridge you may need from all the biggest brands. Whether you're looking for a quality inkjet cartridge that will give you quality prints for a very long time, or a laserjet cartridge that ... More

how to defrag hard drive so you dont lose everything

... More

how to restore iphone from backup on external drive

Ways to Back up iTunes Library to the External Drive. iTunes Backup and Restore. Last updated Sep 25, 2018. 678. Share - Advertisement - Part 1. The reasons why we back up the iTunes Library to an external drive. To back up the iTunes Library to an external drive can bring us a lot of benefits. The most important one is that it is wise to have a backup file covering all the necessary data on ... More

how to change the type of file on windows 7

Well, Windows 7 no longer has the ‘File Types‘ tab in Folder Options. File Types has now become Default Programs of Start Menu. Want to change the default program with which a file is opened upon double click? For this you need to set an association between the file extension and a program used to open it. Here is how you can do this in Windows 7: 1. Click on ‘Default Programs’ of ... More

how to clean arteries and veins naturally

Nutrients in nuts reduce inflammation in blood vessels, and clear arteries naturally. Spinach; A serving of spinach a day reduces homocysteine levels in the body. Homocysteine is related to the development of heart diseases, such as atherosclerosis and clogged arteries, as confirmed by Circulation, the AHA journal. Add fresh spinach to your salads, and you can also eat it in soups, … ... More

how to add google as the default search engine

Go and check Make Google As Default Search Engine in Internet Explorer 11. Fixing can’t add Google as Search Provider in IE11. 1. Visit Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > Installed Updates ... More

how to cancel a gig on fiverr

How to Cancel Fiverr Order You can start this process on order page. First of all go to the order page which you are going to cancel. You can find the section on this picture from right side of your window. ... More

how to build a standing frame

Build the Frame – Back Brace Version This version is what I built for our snow cone stand. It is probably the most stable base design, but the upright section is … ... More

how to create a book on wattpad

9/04/2013 How to Create Covers for Wattpad If you're writing for Wattpad or similar online sites. you know the importance of good covers. A professional, bright cover with a provocative image and the title can draw in readers immediately. ... More

how to add a red marker on google maps

11/08/2010 · marker , something like - onClick functionname(Red-Icon,CA,Blue- Icon,FR,Green-Icon,JP) with the idea that I hopefully would'nt have to hardcode each OnClick function link on the page. ... More

rdflib how to create a sparql query from a subgraph

The SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL) [sparkle] is a query language designed to meet the requirements and design objectives described … ... More

how to draw comics the marvel way video

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way $ 17.99 $ 11.98 One of the first and still one of the best, Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way has been the primary resource for any and all who want to master the art of illustrating comic books and graphic novels. ... More

how to build a multi spectral camera

What is Hyperspectral Imaging? Hyperspectral imaging, or imaging spectroscopy, combines the power of digital imaging and spectroscopy. For each pixel in an image, a hyperspectral camera acquires the light intensity (radiance) for a large number (typically a few tens to several hundred) of contiguous spectral … ... More

how to cut plywood with a circular saw without splintering

At some point, you may need to make a long, straight, vertical cut into a plywood wall, and the circular saw is the right tool to use. Just remember to start the saw at the top of the wall and cut down. That way, gravity will be working in your favor; simply allow the weight of the saw to advance the blade through the cut. ... More

how to connect to cisco switch console using hyperterminal

3/02/2014 · I found a Cisco 1711 router in our storage room and I want to factory restore it so we can mess around with it or use it as a backup. I connected a console cable to it and in Hyperterminal on a Windows XP box I want to try the CTRL+BREAK sequence to clear it out. ... More

how to add page to google+

Before we get into some specifics here, you may want to take a look at Google's +1 Button Configurator, shown above, which enables developers to use a simple web form interface to create and configure a Gooogle +1 button for their pages. ... More

how to create mx record for exchange 2010

Next we will create an MX record to point to the newly created A record of our mail server. Within your DNS control panel select "add MX record". Make sure that the host address is the root domain name in our case "" Set the FQDN as the A record we just created which in our case is "". The lowest property is the most preferred but in our example we will set the ... More

how to close a sole proprietorship in california

Closing a sole-proprietorship or partnership The Master Business Licence for sole-proprietorship, partnership and trade name registrations is valid for 5 years in Ontario. If you have a Master Business Licence and need to cancel it before it expires, visit the ServiceOntario website. ... More

how to draw a xyz table

Contour graphs created from XYZ data or a virtual matrix support nonlinear X/Y axes while those from a matrix window only support linear axes. Prior to Origin 2018, the application of a custom boundary sometimes generated an imperfect fill at boundary margins. ... More

how to cook frozen carrots in microwave

To cook carrots in the microwave, make sure that they are cut into small enough sizes that will be easy to work with. Place 1 lb. washed and cut carrots in a microwave ... More

how to change lightroom hot keys

If we get to one which we actually want to change where it is, press shift+O. So, again, for overlay graphics, it's either O to go through them, or it's shift+O in order to change which one or to ... More

how to change to most recent comments on android

Till recently, users of Facebook's Android and iOS apps could quickly arrange posts on their News Feed in a chronological order. This means that one could see most recent posts first, followed by ... More

how to delete arena net account

14/12/2017 · Generally we do not offer display name changesbecause of a very hard and fast rule: Don't Break Your Customer's Account. Changing display names can break your ability for social interactions in the game. ... More

how to delete google hangouts app from iphone

The app has potential but is missing many important features and it's very frustrating trying to use the app. Google Hangouts is an old app and yet it feels more capable and functional than the chat app. I feel Google need to put more resources into this app . As for now we stuck with an old app (Google Hangouts) and an basic chat app that just frustrating. I wish Google bought WhatsApp a ... More

how to cook asparagus in a pan

Enjoy this quick and easy Parmesan Lemon Asparagus Skillet recipe as a healthy side dish during your busy weeknights. This is loaded with parmesan, garlic, lemon juice, dried oregano, and … ... More

how to cook carabao meat

Soft white cheese similar to cottage cheese, made from carabao’s milk, salt and Rennet or white vinegar. It has a soft and slight salty taste, and wrapped in banana. leaves. ... More

how to download scribied files from steam

How to Repair Steam If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Reimage Plus which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. ... More

how to download pdf in ipad air

Ipad Air 2 Pour Les Nuls French Edition Free Download PDF 59,37MB Ipad Air 2 Pour Les Nuls French Edition Free Download Looking for Ipad Air 2 Pour Les Nuls French Edition Free Download Do you really need this ... More

how to draw anime full body female

Anime Body Drawing Draw A Girl Whole Body Sketch Anime Sketch Whole Body How To Draw Anime Body Drawing How To Draw Anime Bodies My Anime Paradise Anime Body Drawing Boy Manga Sketch Full Body Anime Drawing Inspiration Boy How To ... More

how to change dog clipper blades

Clipping your pooch saves you time and money, while allowing you to bond with him. After several uses, you may notice your blades become dull and do not cut as well. Changing the blades are a simple task you can complete by yourself. ... More

how to build a shop in minecraft pocket edition

Today, Microsoft released updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta to bring support for cross platform play and a ton of new content for the Pocket Edition. ... More

how to become a well renowned tatoo artist

Meet Sophia, our resident walk in artist and piercer! She works with neometal jewelry to ensure the best outcome for her clients. She is also a tattoo artist that is currently practicing under Zhang Po to become part of his tattoo family. ... More

how to add multiple pins google maps

A marker identifies a location on a map. By default, a marker uses a standard image. Markers can display custom images/icons. * Add multiple markers with the Google Maps * How to use Google Maps in ASP .NET By default they receive ‘click’ events, ... More

how to change your traits on sims 3

This should help you plan Sims, as I note any time an Aspiration requires a Career or Skill you may have no interest in at the time. With good planning, you can knock out some Aspirations very quickly and acquire the reward traits to make a really versatile Sim. ... More

how to delete a text without reading it

I stumbled across a post on the UX StackExchange site posing an interesting question: How does an existing website look without text? Many of the answers (at the time of writing this post) didnt address the core of the experiment. ... More

how to wear a low cut dress with a bra

That halter dress or backless blouse has been hanging in your closet, waiting for its moment in the limelight, for far too long. Hey, we get it: It's hard to figure out what bra you need to wear ... More

how to draw paint splatter with pencil

Gallery: simple car drawings famous beautiful art drawing looking up albert einstein (theoretical physi…albert einstein was a german-born theoretical ph… ela gandhi 3... ... More

how to delete photos from carousel

26/12/2018 · Carousel encourages users to provide their friends with a more complete picture of a particular experience by uploading up to 10 photos or videos in … ... More

how to connect more than one device to tablet

solved Tablet won't connect to wifi but all my other devices will solved We just installed a new router. All other of our other devices can connect to it but my laptop won't. ... More

how to change photo on bloxburg

Dec 6, 2018- ROBLOX Welcome to Bloxburg: Aesthetic Kitchen. Drawing Room Accessories. 77605313 Front Room Decorating Designs. Change Your Living Room Decor On A Limited Budget In Six Steps Drawing Room Accessories. 77605313 Front Room Decorating Designs. ... More

how to avoid shaving rash on face

Rash treatments are available in stores and might help soothe an itchy area and heal the shaving rash faster. There are other things that can be done at home also. Keeping the area clean is the best treatment. It prevents any other particles from getting into the follicles and causing more problems. By applying a warm cloth to the area it will clean and soothe it. Also, it is a good idea to ... More

how to build a planter bed

Whether it is because of poor soil, a desire to have different beds for plants or a want to create something of a garden yourself, a planter box is a simple addition to meet your needs. ... More

origin how to change download location

3/11/2017 Save as a different file name, type, or download location on your PC. Run the app, extension, or other file type. After Internet Explorer runs a security scan, the file will open and run on ... More

how to cancel playstation music

1/07/2010 Maybe if you e-mail Sony and tell them they might be able to cancel it for you, but I doubt it. Try that and see if they will. Here's the link to customer support. Try that and see if they will. Here's the link to customer support. ... More

how to ask for address in english

English Idioms boot boot up, boot camp, give the boot, and more! Speaking English Talking about the Bathroom & Toilet Polite English Softening Your Message Improve your conversation skills with 3 expressions Pronunciation DU education, schedule, individual, procedure ... More

how to build a car adrian newey review

Buy How to Build a Car by Adrian Newey for $60.00 at Mighty Ape NZ. In stock now. 'Adrian has a unique gift for understanding drivers and racing cars. He is ultra competitive but never forgets to have fun. An immensely likeable man.... ... More

how to change pldt wifi password using mobile

You can GET FREE INTERNET using your mobile phone or laptop with this 3-STEPs tutorial. No need to load your phone. No need to load your phone. You can connect to any PASSWORD-PROTECTED PLDT MyDSL Wifi. ... More

how to call api in html page

After the API's JavaScript code loads, the API will call the onYouTubeIframeAPIReady function, at which point you can construct a YT.Player object to insert a video player on your page. The HTML excerpt below shows the onYouTubeIframeAPIReady function from the example above: ... More

how to draw a boeing 787

In this latter case, Boeing has some institutional history driving them toward caution and thoroughness: two accidents in the 1980s (JAL 123, a Boeing 747 that crashed as a result of the failure of a critical repair made seven years before), and Aloha 243 (a Boeing 737 that lost most of its main cabin roof due to fatigue cracking). ... More

how to change qq language from chinese to english

After confirming ( ) the change in language preference, your camera menus/options will be displayed in English. If you wish to change your camera's language preference back to Chinese, please refer to this article: How to Change Your Camera's Language from English to Chinese . ... More

how to eat a balanced diet everyday

A healthy, balanced diet should help us and not harm our body. It is essential to determine how a balanced diet should look like in your case. It is essential to determine how a balanced diet should look like in your case. ... More

uber wrong phone number on my account how to change

I installed the Uber app on my new phone, but hadn't logged in. Minding my own business one evening, I received an SMS saying Enter Uber code 5483 to confirm your number. Thinking some other user entered their mobile number incorrectly, and assuming - as I had my phone with me - that my account was safe, I ignored the message. ... More

how to cook frog legs in deep fryer

How to fry frog legs. Frog legs are a common delicacy in French, Indian, Asian and Southern cuisines. Whether farmed or wild, frog meat can be prepared using a variety of methods; however, one of the more popular ways is to deep-fry them. Although similar in taste to a very young chicken, frog meat is more tender and absorbs more of the... ... More

how to draw a real hippopotamus

Learn How to draw a hippopotamus step by step online, free-different types of hippopotamus drawing are available online at such as how to draw hippopotamus, and hippopotamus step by step drawing for kids. ... More

how to download got illegally

14/10/2009 · I knew someone who got caught downloading music (shitty music too) at my uni and he got fined $3000 and got expelled, but he would have had to drop out anyways because he didn't have enough money to pay tuition after the fine. 1. A fine. 2. I wouldn't think that often otherwise sites like this ... More

how to create a logo for clothing line

“Learning how to design clothing with Digital Fashion Pro is a snap + How to Become a Fashion Designer” .. Nothing is more exciting than designing clothing. Creating clothing designs is fun work for the most part. Personally, I like putting on a song and just going for it. Many people aspire to clothing design artist. Clothing design is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. So how do ... More

how to build a bitcoin miner from scratch

If you want to try your luck at bitcoin mining then this Bitcoin miner is probably the best deal. Bitcoin Mining Software There are two basic ways to mine: On your own or as part of a Bitcoin mining pool or with Bitcoin cloud mining contracts and be sure to avoid Bitcoin cloud mining scams . ... More

how to buy make america great again hat internationally

Make ANYTHING great again! Now you can make your very own Make America Great Again Hat! Simply change the "blank" word in place of America, to anything you like! Click the customize it button to FULLY customize this baseball cap. Chose from may hat colors and thread colors and from 3 hat styles, and grab yours today! You can also Create your own adjustable hat. Use the design tool to ... More

how to make someone drink less alcohol

3/11/2017 · Whatever your reasons for wanting to drink less, there are techniques to help and healthy reasons to motivate you. Whatever your reasons for wanting to drink less… ... More

how to delete your myspace

Watch video [ Background music ] >> Wilson Tang: So you've given up on MySpace like everyone else and moved over to Facebook but you're still getting those pesky email messages in spam from your MySpace account. ... More

how to create a pun

18/01/2011 · make a pun of something Discussion in ' Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés ' started by westhartford , Jan 18, 2011 . Previous Thread Next Thread ... More

how to add waves together

Fill in as many sound level boxes as necessary (max 10) and then click the calculate bar, to get the calculated sum. Provided, that each sound source has its own random phasing. ... More

how to add m3u playlist to vlc

With a recent update to VLC (currently running v3.0.3) I noticed when I loaded the playlist up on my phone, a large portion of the songs on these playlists were missing. The mp3 files were still on my phone, just the songs were missing on the playlist. The m3u file opens fine with all songs on the home PC with VLC. What I noticed when comparing the two is that the phone copy only showed songs ... More

how to build basketball board game for 2 players

This post is part of a series called Build a Two-Player "Small Tactics" Board Game in Construct 2. Build a Two-Player "Small Tactics" Board Game in Construct 2: Part 1 Now that the project's set up and the basic game mechanics are in place, the next thing we should do is get the pieces moving and add the actual winning conditions. ... More

how to change linksys router name and password

Changing Linksys Default Password. Linksys Router Password: Linksys router default settings differ slightly from model to model, but once you know how Linksys keeps things simple youll be logged in within a few attempts. ... More

how to delete emails all at once on computer

Select a few messages to delete. On your computer, open Inbox. To select emails, click the photos on their left. At the top, click Trash . Empty Trash. If you like, you can manually delete your emails in Trash without waiting the usual 30 days. On your computer, open Inbox. On the left, click Trash . Here you’ll see all the emails you’ve sent to Trash within the past 30 days. At the top ... More

how to change personal hotspot name on iphone

How to Change Your iPhone Personal Hotspot Password. Your Personal Hotspot name is identical to the name you gave to your iPhone during set up (which is also the name that appears when you sync your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud). ... More

how to add fonts in mac

First, download some fonts from The Internet or copy them from a font library. Install Fonts Automatically 2. Next, extract the fonts files into a folder, e.g. C:\Fonts\ ... More

how to use itunes card to buy apps

8/03/2013 · ‌How to buy Apps with iTunes Gift Cards چۆنیەتی کڕینی کارتی ئایتوونز ... More

how to become a shaman uk

Welcome! Earth Heart Shamanism UK is an educational organisation and a source of Shamanic Teachings offering Workshops held over weekends. Our Shamanism Courses and workshops are held in a beautiful Mongolian Yurt and outdoor locations. ... More

how to build an inexpensive cabin

My own cabin adventure began in 1986, when I built one as an inexpensive place to stay while constructing my house — that’s when I began learning what makes cabin design and construction ... More

how to create out of office reply in outlook 2010

Using the “Automatic Replies (Out of Office)” and “Out of Office Assistant.” If you have an Exchange account (and are running Microsoft Office Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and Outlook for Office 365) then you can use the “Automatic Replies (Out of Office)” and “Out of Office Assistant.” ... More

how to delete clips twitc

To remove entire clips, select one or more clips in the sequence and press Delete. Lift and paste frames You can remove or lift frames from a specified area of one or more tracks in a sequence, leaving a gap in their place. ... More

how to change mascara color

If you are not impressed by the color of your eyes, surgery is one of the methods on how to change your eye color permanently. Blue eye color is characterized by beauty and good look. ... More

how to connect pioneer surround sound to samsung tv

We have purchased a new Samsung smart tv and want to connect our pioneer surround sound. Currently we have 5 cables in the back for speakers but the new tv does not have any place to connect ... More

how to draw a cartoon border collie

Drawing created by fisheyesoda at I have a border collie mix named charlie. =) I have a border collie mix named charlie. =) border collie by fisheyesoda (animals drawing) ... More

how to change which folder prec saves

31/01/2008 When you save a file in an Office application, the program opens the Save As dialog box with My Documents (in Office 2003) or Documents (in Office 2007) as the default folder to store it in. ... More

how to cancel uber account 2014

Go to, type help into the search box and select Getting help from Uber (as pictured below), or just click here. You will need to be logged in to your Uber account first. You will need to be logged in to your Uber account first. ... More

how to create a cool userna e

For example, you can use Themeleon to create an awesome new background to make your account stand out a bit. And, there’s also the useless tricks and hacks that you can do simply because you ... More

how to clean fungal nails

Nail Fungus: Common Symptoms and Solutions. Many people are affected by nail fungus. While not painful in most cases, it can be embarrassing and cause affected people to hide their nails. ... More

how to download songs to mobile phone

Download Ringtones: Step Ten. Image created by Adam Fendelman for Image created by Adam Fendelman for Most phones will allow you to set your newly downloaded ringtone to play when a particular kind of call occurs or when a certain person calls. ... More

how to change archetype 2k18

Changing archetype submitted 1 year ago by CaptainColson [XBL] So from what I've seen, after the prelude, I can't change my player archetype now in the retail game? ... More

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how to add abn to business name

Add Business Group Pty Ltd is a limited by shares, Australian proprietary company. This corporation was registered on 2012-11-19 and was issued with the 161290320 ACN.

how to build a rocket car

(This knotted piece of tube acts like a cap over the plastic connector - removing this starts the rocket car). 5. Having finished the engine we made the vehicle using 4-inch plant pot bases for wheels, a knitting needle cut in half for the axles and the 2 plastic biro covers as axle covers.

how to change an i3 battery

28/01/2015 · Welcome to The Circuit – the official place to connect with other EV drivers about the BMW i3, the BMW i8, and the electric lifestyle.

how to clean your diamonds at home

1. Using near boiling water is one of the best ways of cleaning your diamonds. Cleaning the dishes with cold water wouldn’t be very effective, and it is the same with cleaning your diamonds.

how to change keyboard symbols on windows 10

In the top dropdown menu, you have the option of selecting the international keyboard as the default keyboard for all Windows applications. Click the OK buttons until you have exited the control panels – this will save the changes in your Profile.

how to add a file to a repository sourcetree

The Add-AIPScannerRepository cmdlet adds a data repository to be scanned by the Azure Information Protection scanner, and creates a profile of settings to be used for that repository. For example, you can specify a default label for unlabeled files, and whether to override an existing label.

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